Application 2023-2024 ACADEMIC YEAR

To be eligible to apply to the China Oxford Scholarship Fund post-graduate awards programme, a student must be a Chinese citizen with a valid PRC passport, SAR Hong Kong passport or SAR Macau passport. An applicant must also be ordinarily resident in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong or Macau and must have an official offer or official conditional offer to study full-time for a postgraduate degree from the University of Oxford at the time of application.

Graduate students who are already studying at the University of Oxford are also eligible to apply. They must provide a “confirmation of registration and student status” letter from the University of Oxford as part of their application.

Before applying, it is important to read carefully the following 2023 FAQ document which covers how to complete your application form and the most commonly asked questions.

We will only accept applications starting on the 1st January 2023 to the 15th April 2023. Applications sent by post must be received by the 15th April at our Hong Kong postal address. This is not a postmark date deadline.

Alternatively, if applicants wish to submit their applications online, they must do so by the 15th April midnight 24:00 Hong Kong time (4pm UK time).


Online applicants must submit only 2 PDF files.

The first PDF file must consist of:

  • The completed and signed application form
  • Personal statement (ideally 1 page)

This means these 2 documents must be combined into a single PDF file no more than 5 mb total in file size. Please mark this file with your name along with “PDF1”. For example ZHANG Xiaomin PDF1

The second PDF file must consist of supporting documents such as:

  • Official offer letter from the University of Oxford
  • Copies of your undergraduate transcripts
  • Copies of awarded scholarships
  • For current Oxford graduate students applying: A confirmation of registration and student status letter as evidence they will be officially studying in the 2023/2024 academic year

These supporting documents must be combined into a single PDF file no more than 10mb total in file size. Please mark this file with your name along with “PDF2”. For example ZHANG Xiaomin PDF2

Applications will be rejected if the PDF files are sent with:

  • Passcodes or security codes placed on the files
  • PDFs that exceed the file size limit
  • PDFs sent via a URL link
  • PDFs that require downloading from any kind of cloud storage.


Online submissions must be sent to:

Please ensure that the email subject heading states your full name along with Application 2023 after it. For example: ZHANG Xiaomin Application 2023

Postal submissions must be sent to the following address:

China Oxford Scholarship Fund, G.P.O. Box 2755, Central, Hong Kong


The 2023 APPLICATION is available for download here.

If you are unable to download the form by directly clicking onto the link, please right click the link and open it in a new window or tab. From there, you should be able to download the application.

If you have any queries, do contact us at