The China Oxford Scholarship Fund grants up to 20 awards annually with amounts ranging from £2,000 to £20,000. The duration of these awards is for one academic year. All the awards are open to any subject. However, some have preferences for a particular area of study or a particular college at the University of Oxford.

China Oxford Award – £5,000 or higher. Open to any subject.  Number of awards, usually about three to four, vary each year depending on applicants.

Hoare Family Award – Up to £5,000. Preference will be given to those studying in social sciences. This Award is made possible with support from  Alexander Hoare  & The Golden Bottle Trust.

The Spirit of Hong Kong Award – £5,000 up to a maximum of £7,500.  Preference to pharmacology, biochemical or medical-related research but, depending on applicants in any given year, not to be a restrictive criteria.

Tang Oxford Award – Up to £18,000. Preference is given to mainland Chinese students studying environmental sciences.

Oxford China Simon Li Scholarship – £5,000. Preference is given to those studying in the area of education, language or the social sciences of the internet. This Scholarship is sponsored by Oxford University Press (OUP)  in memory of  its late OUP Director for China,  Simon Li.

Hon China Scholarship – Up to £20, 000 and available when funds allow. Preference is given to those studying law, politics or international relations. The Scholarship is sponsored by Dr Johnny Hon and The Global Group.

Wei Oxford Award – Up to £5,000. The Award was established in memory of  the late Wei Dong, founder  of the Yongjin Group.

Winkler Oxford Award – Up to £5,000. Preference will be given to those studying in the area of medicine or psychology.

Pay It Forward Award – £10,000 to £12,000.  May be given as two awards.  Open to any subject. The Award was established by a group of former Oxbridge scholars.

Brian Keelan Award –  £6,000 or higher.  Preference is given to  students  studying philosophy, history, theology, classics, English literature, Byzantine studies and  Medieval studies. Applicants attending University College are also given preference. The Award was established in memory of Brian Keelan who studied PPE at University College, Oxford. Where possible it is hoped that the Brian Keelan Award recipient would attend University College. Any successful Brian Keelan Award recipient accepted into University College may benefit by the College contributing to the College fee. Acceptance to University College can happen as a result of it being specified as the college of preference and a direct offer made or alternatively a successful candidate to another college could be transferred to University College. This tie-in is at the discretion of University College.  The Award was established by  friends and loved ones of the late Brian Keelan.

Thomas Wong Award – £5,000 up to a maximum of £7,500.  Open to any subject.

Yan Oxford Award – Up to £3,000.  Open to any subject.

China Oxford Award in Computer Science – £2,000 and available when funds allow  by the B & J Lloyd Family Trust.

Magdalen Award – Up to £5,000.  First preference given to Magdalen College students; if this is not met, consideration goes to students from all colleges reading Computer Science or Engineering.

China Oxford Honorary Awards – £2,000 each.  Open to any subject.  Available to candidates for academic excellence and extra curricular leadership, but with no perceived financial need. Numbers vary each year.