“Being one of the recipients of COSF means more than the much-needed financial assistance to me. COSF has contributed immensely to my experiences and developments during my DPhil study at Oxford and beyond. The excellent donors and peers from different disciplines have broadened by perspective and understanding of our society. Their experiences and encouragement continuously inspire me in daily life.”

Ruixuan Zhu
DPhil Engineering Science
Exeter College
2022 Pay It Forward Scholarship
“It was truly a blessing to get to study in Oxford in person.¬† The subjects that I had selected for my discipline were far more challenging and stimulating than those I did before, which required lots of hard work and long hours. It was a sheer joy to listen to and learn from my classmates and teachers, and this had greatly deepened my understanding and knowledge of law. The academic year was indeed humbling and memorable. Once again, I am indebted to COSF for the support and encouragement.”

Gabriel Ng
Bachelor of Civil Law
St Hugh’s College
2021 China Oxford Scholarship
“The COSF scholarship means more to me than just funding for my doctoral study. It not only awards me an opportunity to pursue the career of my dream, but also allows me to put all my energy and focus on my coursework. I am proud to say I have accomplished much of what I never thought possible. Being part of the COSF family also provides me with a platform to meet lots of amazing people with brilliant minds and ambitions. I am genuinely thankful for the generosity and kindness of the donors, who make my journey at Oxford bright and remarkable.”

Peter Kok Ting Wan
DPhil Oncology
The Queen’s College
2019 Thomas Wong  Award