scholar-qian “COSF means more than funding to me. I feel that my ideas of devoting myself to education and better promoting cultural exchange between China and the world are, to a great extent, recognised and supported. This is such an encouragement for students like me to find our own values in society and contribute more in the near future. Moreover, my family and friends are also impressed by the generosity and kindness of the donors.”

Qian Zhou
MSc Applied Linguistics
2010 Hoare Family Award
scholar-yimin “If it were not for the support of COSF and The Wolfson Foundation, I would not be pursuing my dream of studying at Oxford. Receiving substantial funding for my first two years of studies enabled me to pursue a doctorate degree. The help changed both my life and my family’s as without it, my family and I would have endured great financial hardship to pay the tuition.”

Yimin Wu
DPhil Materials
2008 & 2009 Wolfson China Scholarship
scholar-hui “The award provided life-changing support for my doctoral study. The foundation understands that different aspects of Chinese society must develop alongside China’s booming economy. I am honoured to be part of COSF’s objectives in transforming students into leaders in their respective fields so they can make a meaningful contribution to China’s challenging yet dynamic growth.”

Jerome Ho Lam Hui
DPhil Zoology
2005 China Oxford Award